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It’s Dark Inside reviews

A selection of reviews for It’s Dark Inside:

It’s Dark Inside by Karen Heard is a prime work of dark fiction…

Dark Inside hearkens back to the core of terror—isolation. Be it physical, or emotional, or cultural, isolation is what makes us vulnerable and afraid. No one is coming to help you and you’ll have to figure it out alone. But if you’re wrong…

Hellnotes website

I hate small enclosed spaces and my pulse quickened with each sentence of this story. Her fear was real for me as I begged her not to leave the bathroom because outside was by the worst place to be.

Creepy prose that twists and turns till your dizzy with suspense.

The Geekdom of Gore

Karen Heard is one of those rarely talented authors who can unsettle a reader without ever explicitly stating what has happened…

One of the best quiet horror story collections you’ll read this year.

If I’m picking an old school horror author for comparison, I’d really go all the way back to Poe.


The gnawing build-up of dread in each tale is well paced and her descriptions and characterisation are spot on.

Snakebite Horror

Six excellent dark stories that set my nerves tingling with dread.

Jonathan Broughton (horror author) Smashwords review

2012 has been a good year for short story collections… “It’s Dark Inside” by Karen Heard has been one of my favourites. The genre is horror – not of the gross-out kind, but certainly creepy. The stories are atmospheric, disquieting, unsettling.

Rayne Hall (horror author) Amazon review

Karen writes in a very poetic and lyrical style, very much of the ‘classic/old-skool’ Gothic era and so (given the most welcomed ‘1st person narrative’ technique & it’s spooky content), I was at once put in mind of Poe and other Spooky Titans of the genre such as Mary Shelley and even Conan Doyle’s lesser known eerie short ‘Captain of the Polestar’.

Bobby Kemp, Amazon review

Each story manages to instil a growing sense of dread and discomfort in the reader, with the aid of brilliant writing, as opposed to excessive gore.

Alison N, Amazon review

The stories are all original and involving, each one entirely different with a stick-in-your-mind quality that makes you want to read another.

Xenophon, Goodreads review

I’d recommend this collection to gothic/horror fans, though you might want to avoid this if you’re faint hearted or easily disturbed as some of the descriptions are quite intense (either the author has a great imagination or we’re looking at a crazed psychopath).

Hayley, Goodreads review